Don't live for one person. It's very important for one person to bear the love of two people. Only two hearts can truly manage love, that's true love. There is no real happiness in the world of love, and there will be no eternal happiness. After all, people have feelings, seven emotions and six desires. There are always so many that you can't ignore love. You and I are just a member of the world. How can you love and pursue regardless of other people's eyes, family and friends, feelings and feelings? Maybe you will be sad when she is, but it is better than your own. Because no one will accompany you all your life If you really love someone, that person will appear in your heart when you want to forget the most, and in your heart when you are most sad and lost, but you think and think about it, but you can't be sure whether you want to tell him how you feel now, because you care about her feelings and her thoughts. But sometimes the more you care, the easier it is to lose and get hurt. Is this love? This kind of love is very painful. Just like me, love should not be like the earth in your hand. The more you hold on to it, the easier it will flow down. At last, there is only a small amount of dust left. If love is the same, the more love, the easier to lose, then do we have to maintain a certain distance, distance? But then, where will the intersection between us be? What a pity those natural intersections are. We are always, those happy footprints, when you look back, she has disappeared, the original happiness is in front.